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SPAC 2018

Pre-Conference Sessions

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

3 Tracks!

Limited space per session

*Lunch not provided

Schools Track:                              Only $49!  Register Here  

(Limited to first 100 persons registered)

  • SPAC University School Photography 101: The Quick-Start program for “Newbies”– (8am-5pm)- Instructor: Chris Wunder & Marion Hughes

    • This popular full day workshop will teach you all the basics to “quick-start” an underclass (K-11) School Photography business; part-time, full-time or to supplement your current Studio income. In the first half-day, you’ll learn how to prospect for and win School photography contracts using a proven sales and marketing system. You’ll learn what schools will expect from you, what to offer and what to charge, how to handle requests for “Rebates” and “Commissions” and how to negotiate the best deal for you. We’ll share many “secrets” of the School picture business that will allow you to compete effectively with anyone; even the BIG companies for local contracts.The second half of the program will cover basic school “picture day” logistics; scheduling, staffing, equipment needs and portrait techniques including lighting and “speed posing skills.” We’ll set up a complete portable studio demo; step-by-step so you can see how it comes together in real time. We’ll de-mystify automated capture and high-speed workflow including barcoding of student images for reliable identification and order processing. We’ll also teach “best practices” in photographing with green-screen and other background-replacement technologies. Finally, we’ll show how automated software will allow you to accurately identify and process hundreds of Student Portrait images in just 1-2 hours.After this program, you’ll have the confidence to take on school photography contracts in your local area. Bring all your questions and we’ll be happy to provide all the answers. This one-day workshop has helped thousands of photographers get their start in the lucrative field of School Photography.

Sports Track                                       Only $49 Register Here

(Limited to first 100 persons registered)

  • SPAC University Sports 101– Instructor: Jeff Gump (9am-Noon)

    • Are you “New” to Team & Individuals or are you ready to step up your game? Let Jeff with his 20 plus years of shooting T&I’s guide you down the right path.
      This session will start out with the most important topic…The Business of Team & Individuals. Have you made a forecast for 2018? With Jeff’s help you will have all the information you will need to prepare for this Prosperous 2018 year. Once we have that taken care of, we can talk about the second most important part and that is How and where to find the business. You will have 3 hours of non-stop true tested education. No fluff here, just facts. Only at SPAC will this information be shared. See you in Vegas.
  • Virtual Team and Player Photography- The Next Evolution is Here!   – Instructor Mitchell Moore (1:30-4:30pm)

    • Stop Fooling with Mother Nature! Are you ready to stop having to deal with unpredictable weather elements and time delays of a traditional sports shoot? Move it indoors and take full control. Learn how to take and provide composited “Virtual” Teams Photos and Memory Mates. You can have greater control, give parents a BETTER team photo, and shorten the parent experience to less than 15 minutes! Mitchell has been offering his Leagues Virtual Team photos for over 7 years so he’s learned all the best practices to do it right! He will give you tips on how to avoid the challenges and guidance on how to do the production in-house or through outsource vendors who can handle the whole process; allowing you more time to grow your business. Always high energy and very interactive, Mitchell will engage you and challenge you to take your business up a notch.

Sales Training Advanced               Only $79 Register Here

(Limited to first 35 persons registered)

  •  Sales Training Advanced– Instructors: Wayne Barksdale, Calvin Harrell,  Susan Sheridan, Jaimie Ford and others.

    • 9am-10am  Creating Dynamic Partnerships by Jaimie Ford
      • In a highly competitive and saturated market like Volume Photography, how do you set yourself apart? How do you sell your product against national chains who buy most of their contracts? Most importantly, how do you leverage your quality work and superior service to create relationships that last a lifetime? If you aren’t sure how to answer those questions, you are not alone! In “Creating Dynamic Partnerships” we will cover how to get in those closed doors, how to get past the gatekeeper and how to make your business (and you personally) stand out from a sea of other photographers. This conversation will give you the insight to take you from being a simple “photo vendor” in the eyes of the school to an actual partner they value. You already have the passion, the talent and the accounts in mind….now it’s time to assemble your tool box and have some fun!
    • 10am- 11am The Art of the Presentation by Wayne Barksdale and Calvin Harrell
      • Description coming Soon!
    • 11am-Noon-  Planning your Marketing Flyer/Envelope Review by Wayne Barksdale
      • Lets look at that flyer.. What is on yours? Session deals with Marketing approaches and open sharing of samples. Reviewing attendee submissions to get new ideas and approaches. Guided by Wayne Barksdale who has had great success in his approach!
    • 1:30pm-2:30pm  Small Group Role Playing by Susan Sheridan
      • Interactive session -Role Playing is the #1 practice technique that will help you improve your presentation skills –
        Join us in this interactive sales session to help fine tune your selling skills, we will be practicing objections and responses that will help you with appointment setting and sealing the deal.
    • 2:30-4:00pm  Telemarketing and Phone Programs by Barksdale Team
      • Description coming soon!


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